think, act, and repeat

Yep.  Don't you worry. 

Slowing my thoughts down at any given moment is an asinine chore.

You may loathe mowing, I loathe sitting still. At different points in the year- be it a new job, relationship, business opportunity, or my fifth cup of joe,  my brain tells me “now or never”. My heart rate increases, my pupils fluctuate, and I dream while going through the motions.

I see possibilities while I’m driving, walking, brushing my teeth and working. I cycle through scenarios like a professor fingers through vinyls at T-Bones Records and Cafe on any given afternoon. I fervently search for the right solution, weigh the consequences and execute. My co-workers rely on it, bands I play in praise it, and our society adores the decisive leader. Of the 15 possibilities I see, I’ll latch on to 2-3 and kill it.  But I’m not content. 

Each morning it begins again. The alarm breaks the sun rise, your $15 bag of fair trade beans brew, and you think, act and repeat. 

Stop and listen. Pray. Meditate. 

Listen to the birds, look a person in the eyes, smile and breathe.  I habitually ignore process in the familiar and routine, and take shortcuts to complete any task before me. It is time to reassess. For the sake of the many people I love, my wife being number one, I am asking Ms. Process to dance. I hope she likes to two-step.