Both Sides of the Coin - Part 2 (Episode 20)

Hey friends, we made it to Episode 20!!!!  Alex Pickle and HR Sweat are back for the second installment of their fascinating conversation.  If you haven't listened to Both Sides of the Coin - Part 1 (Episode 19), please go back and listen to it first, and then come right back for this episode! The boys discuss minimum wage, human rights, abortion, and so much more.  What are the implications of legislating morality?


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Wyoming - Sidecar
Sunrise - Jonathan Roye
Inception - The Squid and the Whale
Seahorses - The Squid and the Whale

Community (Episode 14)

Brad, James and David talk about the importance of intentional conversation, community and maintaining adult friendships. As we get older, it seems like it takes more intention and effort to maintain friendships. We are called to live in community, so why don't we? 


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Numbers - Joel Slabach
Yourself and Everyone Else - Travis Loafman
Still we Sing (O, guiding Light) - Scales of Motion